Huawei VP confirms that HongMeng OS is not for smartphones

Since the past couple of months, it has been reported that Huawei will soon launch its own HongMeng OS for smartphones. The company had confirmed the existence of HongMeng OS after Huawei was banned by the United States.


Now, during a media roundtable in Brussels, Belgium, Catherine Chen, board member and Vice President of Huawei has confirmed that the HongMeng OS is not meant for smartphone. She added that the operating system had been in development for years and is aimed at businesses that use Internet of Things (IoT).

As per the information she shared, the Hongmeng OS contains much fewer lines of code – hundreds of thousands, instead of dozens of millions like the mobile operating systems. It also has extremely low latency compared with a smartphone operating system, said Chen.

The development is quite surprising given that HongMeng OS was reportedly meant to replace Android and the company was also testing it. The company’s CEO had also confirmed that the OS is “very fast” compared to Android.

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It’s worth mentioning that Huawei officials are talking about HongMeng OS after the United States decided to allow US firms to resume doing business with the Chinese giant. So, there’s a possibility that HongMeng OS was meant to replace Android OS but since it can now get access to Android without any issues, the company has changed its stance.