How To Add ‘Shot On’ Watermark To Your Photos On Android [Guide]

Have you seen a photo with ‘Shot on OnePlus’ or ‘Shot on Vivo’ or ‘Shot on Honor’ sort of like watermarks? Want it for your Android phone whenever you click a picture? Read on.

In this guide, we are showing you how to enable this features on certain smartphone brands. However, if you don’t have ‘Shot On’ watermark feature on your smartphone, then you don’t have to worry, we have also shared a way to do that at the end of this guide.


Many smartphones with customized interface offer a built-in option to add a watermark, if you are using phones from OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Honor, HUAWEI, and a few more, you can easily add a watermark on your photos while you capture them. Others do not provide the same, if your phone supports it, get it done easily without a fuss.

Let’ look at how to enable shot on watermarks for the phones that offer built-in options. You will mostly find the watermark option inside the camera app, you need to enable a quick setting or a slider for the watermark that’s it, there’s no rocket science behind it. Take a look at how to enable it on different phones.

How To Add Shot On Watermark on OnePlus Phones

  • Launch the camera app, swipe from the bottom arrow as shown.
  • Enter Settings, and tap Shot on OnePlus Watermark.
  • Enable the slider to turn on the watermarks. You can also add a name/signature with the watermark to the photo if you want.
OnePlus 6T
Add A Name To The Watermark

Here’s an image with a OnePlus watermark, see how it looks.

OnePlus 6T

How To Add Shot On Watermark on Vivo Phones

Similarly, it works for Vivo phones too. Launch the camera app, tap the settings gear icon at the top right corner and tap on Model watermark. See the screenshot below. Also see the image with the watermark that we shot on Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo V11 Pro


How To Add Shot On Watermark on OPPO Phones

Again, in the camera app, tap on Settings and then at the bottom, tap Watermark slider. If you want to add the signature, it’s right below it. Not all OPPO phones give you watermark options, if you have an older OPPO phone that doesn’t offer watermark, use the workaround below in this guide.

OPPO R17 Pro
OPPO R17 Pro

How To Add Shot On Watermark on Xiaomi Phones

Even Xiaomi phones do offer a watermark option, see if your Mi or Redmi phones have a watermark option in the camera app settings. Head to the camera, tap the three lines on the right at the top and enter Settings. Under that, enable the slider saying ‘Dual camera watermark‘.

Xiaomi POCO F1


Don’t have your phone/brand listed here? Go and check the camera app settings on your phone to find an option to enable shot on watermark for the photos, however if you are unable to find that options on your phone then read this guide on how you can add Shot On watermark using the apps.

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