Reliance Jio introduces Kumbh JioPhone as a tribute to Pilgrims visiting at Kumbh Mela

Reliance Jio has introduced new ‘Kumbh JioPhone‘ for a large number of visiting pilgrims at Prayagraj’s Kumbh Mela. The JioPhone was launched with the objective of having a phone to every Indian who cannot afford to buy even the entry-level 4G smartphones. Now, the JioPhone is back with new features specialized for the Kumbh as a tribute to Pilgrims, it’s named as Kumbh JioPhone.


The Kumbh JioPhone is basically the same JioPhone launched earlier but with new Kumbh functionality. During this Kumbh Mela, JioPhone is introducing a new digital solution that will enrich the spiritual experience of millions of pilgrims during the divine holy dip.

The Kumbh JioPhone is equipped with every small information related to the Kumbh Mela. Information about train and bus station along with the information on which day the bath is can be obtained from ‘Kumbh JioPhone’.

The Kumbh JioPhone will also help you when relatives are missing in Mela using its feature Family Locator. Pilgrims will be able to watch videos of events and special festival at Kumbh Mela. Moreover, Kumbh Radio is also available for devotional music.

It includes the following services about Kumbh in addition to the original JioPhone features.

Information on Kumbh

  • Real-time Travel Information (special trains, buses etc.)
  • Booking tickets & receiving updates
  • Yatri Ashray at stations
  • Emergency Helpline Numbers
  • Area routes and Maps
  • Pre-published bath and religious day schedules
  • Railway Camp Mela and more…

Features & Functionalities to simplify life at Kumbh

  • Family Locator: Helps you to stay connected by providing the exact location
  • Khoya Paya (Lost & Found): Helping you to reunite with your family and friends, in case you’re not able to trace them

Kumbh Devotional Content

  • Kumbh Darshan: Telecast of special Kumbh events and programs on JioTV along with previous archives of Kumbh
  • Kumbh Radio: 24 x 7 access to devotional songs and hymns that keep you connected with the almighty

News Alerts

  • Important alerts and announcements in and around Kumbh at your fingertips.


  • Games, Daily Quiz, Kumbh Quiz

The new Kumbh functionality will be available to both existing and new JioPhone users. Users can get to the Kumbh functionalities through the JioStore on the JioPhone. Moreover, Reliance Retail has created a special helpline number ‘1991’ to answer queries on the JioPhone.

The JioPhone is available at an effective price of Rs 501, know more about how to get JioPhone for as low as Rs 501.