How To Apply Dark Theme On OnePlus 6T [Guide]

Unlike the phones with a stock UI, OnePlus has its OxygenOS with deep customizations, you have various options to change the look and style of the UI. If you are kind of guy who wants a dark theme on your OnePlus 6T (or any previous models), here’s how to enable dark theme on OnePlus 6T, this trick works with a simple in-built workaround, no third party apps required.


How To Apply Dark Theme On OnePlus 6T

OnePlus offers theming options in which you can apply a basic dark or light theme as well as adjust its accent color. By default, most OnePlus phones come with a light theme, but you can change it with a quick setting.

The first step is to enter the Settings and head to the Display.

  • Go to Settings -> Display -> Theme.

Tap on Theme and choose Dark among the three options – Default, Light, and Dark.

The Default option looks similar to the Android’s native theme color scheme, the Light offers certainly a white scheme and is much brighter, while the Dark option dims most things on the phone which makes it more comfortable to use at night, thanks to the AMOLED display.


To add icing on the cake, just below the Theme option, choose the Accent color to your choice. Here, you can choose from eight different colors ranging from Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, and others.

The Accent Color highlights colors in some menus, icons, and at other places to add more to the look. See how is your phone’s interface now and tell us which Accent Color did you choose?


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