Oops! Huawei sends new year wishes from an iPhone, trolled

How does this keep on happening?

Last year we saw some celebrities and smartphone brands getting trolled for promoting Android smartphones on Twitter using an iPhone. And, we were hoping that celebs and smartphone brands would be careful enough this year not to repeat this mistake. But, just half an hour before the year 2018 came to an end, Chinese technology brand Huawei did the same and got trolled.


Huawei sent out new year wishes on Twitter by tweeting “Happy #2019 ? from all of us at Huawei. Our resolution this new year is to give you more reasons to connect to those you care about.” However, Huawei goofed up by sending this tweet from an iPhone which made it a subject of trolls and memes.

As always, this was spotted by popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee who’s also known as MKBHD.

As soon as Huawei was caught tweeting from an iPhone, it deleted the tweet and tweeted the same message again, but not from an iPhone.

Well, Huawei is certainly not the first smartphone brand to tweet from an iPhone and get trolled. Last year, Samsung Nigeria and Samsung India were both trolled for promoting Galaxy smartphones by tweeting from an iPhone. Samsung Nigeria had tweeted about Galaxy Note9, whereas Samsung India had tweeted about Galaxy A9 (2018).

Having said that, Hollywood actress Gal Gadot and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma too were trolled on Twitter last year for promoting Android smartphones by tweeting from an iPhone.


With that being said, it’s not just Android OEMs who were trolled last year for tweeting from an iPhone. Cupertino-based tech giant Apple too got trolled when its official Apple Music handle sent out a tweet from an Android device. We are pretty sure Android clan had a great laugh at that time.

This is just the first day of 2019, so let’s see how many more times are we going to see smartphone brands and celebs promoting a product by using the product of a rival brand.