Anushka Sharma trolled on Twitter for promoting Google Pixel 2 XL using an iPhone

Internet never forgives

We often see celebrities and “influencers” promoting different products on social media, and, it’s needless to say that these celebs promoting certain products doesn’t mean that they themselves use those products. It’s just marketing, and they do get paid handsomely in return for these promotions. However, things go down pretty quickly when people find out that these celebs are promoting a product using a product of a rival brand. And, the latest to join this list is Anushka Sharma, who is a Bollywood actress and also happens to be the wife of Virat Kohli – Captain of Indian Cricket Team across all three formats of the game.

So here’s what happened: Anushka shared two photos of her along with a dog on Twitter promoting the Google Pixel 2 XL. She shared these photos by tweeting “Look at this beautiful boy ???#Pixel2XL #TeamPixel @GoogleIndia”. But, she did that using an iPhone. And this is where things started getting ugly for her.

Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee – who is also known as MKBHD – spotted Anushka promoting Google Pixel 2 XL using an iPhone and called her out on Twitter by sharing a screenshot as a proof that those photos were shared by Anushka using ‘Twitter for iPhone’. He shared the screenshot by tweeting “Ok I don’t even want to know how this keeps happening but it’s hilarious”. At press time, Marques’ tweet got 10,873 retweets and 50,529 likes.

After Marques trolled Anushka, a Twitter user came forward to defend her and said “Maybe the photo transfered from a Pixel phone and posted from an iPhone ??” to which Marques replied by saying “Going through all that work to avoid actually using the Pixel is admirable lol”.

Well, soon after Anushka’s goof-up was spotted, she deleted the tweet and re-posted the two photos using an Android phone.

This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has been caught promoting a smartphone using a smartphone from a rival brand. To be precise, an iPhone. Back in late April this year, Hollywood actress Gal Gadot – known for her acting in Wonder Woman – promoted the Huawei Mate 10 Pro on Twitter using an iPhone. At that time, Marques called her out on Twitter saying “Gal Gadot with the Huawei ad… tweeted from an iPhone. Niceeeee”. Well, Gadot banned Marques on Twitter after that (lol).

Coming back to Anushka, she’s not the first Indian “celebrity” to have been trolled on Twitter for promoting a smartphone using an iPhone. Back in May last year, Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza was trolled for promoting the OnePlus 3T using an iPhone.

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Either way, personally speaking, it’s kind of funny how these celebrities keep on promoting Android smartphones using an iPhone which results in them getting trolled and roasted on social media. Let’s hope that the next time a celebrity promotes a smartphone on Twitter, he/she at least does that using that said smartphone, because if he doesn’t, then eagle-eyed people will definitely find that out and start trolling. That said, if you are bored or something, you can go through the comments in this Twitter thread if you want a good laugh.