How To Enable Night Mode On Google Chrome On Android [Guide]

There are people who surf the web on Google Chrome during the night, but they don’t know that Google Chrome comes with a built-in night mode. Google Chrome’s night mode is far better than your phone’s night mode feature. In this guide, we will show you how to enable night mode on Google Chrome. Here’s how.


Night Mode On Google Chrome On Android

Apps like Twitter, YouTube, and others offer a native night mode or dark mode and similar to it, Google Chrome also supports such mode that allows you to read the content effectively at night.

Enable the Accessibility option to view web pages in the reading mode or night mode. Go to Settings -> Accessibility and enable Simplified view for web pages.


Know that you can’t completely run the Chrome in night mode, there’s a catch though. Only supported pages can run in night mode, you need to choose the ‘Simplified view for web pages’ for the specific web page you are viewing to enable the night mode.

Once the page you are viewing supports Simplified view, tap to the Simplified view at the bottom as it appears. Tap the three dots at the top right corner and tap Appearance.


Here, you have the options to choose a Light theme, Dark theme, or Sepia theme along with the font type and font size options.

In the Simplified view, Chrome converts the web pages in the reading mode, it removes all the fancy tabs and colors to give you a definite view of websites while you surf the internet.


It also works for any saved pages for offline access. If you want to enable offline browsing, check out this guide that lets you view web pages in offline mode on Google Chrome. For more guides, head to our How-To Guides section.