How To Record Reels With Multiple Cuts In Instagram

Instagram released a new feature, Reels that lets you create 15-second videos with different filters on popular songs, trends, and challenges. As we know, TikTok has been banned by the government of India, TikTok creators are moving towards the Instagram Reels to continue making videos.

Many TikTok creators create videos with transitions and special effects on the TikTok app, however, since the ban, the Reels getting popular and the creators might be seeking video effects and adjustments as they did on TikTok. Adding effects on the Reels can be done with the Effects button, also, taking multiple shots and combining them in a 15-sec video is easy on Instagram Reels, here’s how you can do it.


How To Record Reels Videos With Multiple Cuts & Adjust The Video

To add the effect in a Reels video, just tap the Effect button while in the Reels video mode. Tap the Add Story button and select Reels to enter the video mode for recording Reels, you can easily create videos on Instagram Reels.

Once you are in the Reels shooting mode, tap the Video Adjust button to adjust the video shooting timer, it can be 5-sec or 10-sec or as per your wish. What this does is it will let you take a small clip inside the 15-sec video which is currently the full length of the Reels video.

Shoot the Reels in the adjusted timer and tap Done. Once you save the changes, repeat the steps by pressing the Video Adjust after you save the first video. Similarly, for other clips as well making it a 15-sec Reel video.


That’s how you can take multiple video clips and combine them in a single video in Instagram Reels. Want more Instagram guides like this? Take a look at the tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks related to mobile phones and apps.

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