How to save mobile data on Instagram [Guide]

Instagram can use chunks of mobile data on your phone if you use it more often such as watching IGTV videos, but that doesn’t stop you from accessing Instagram. That being said, Instagram offers you a data-saving trait to save mobile data with a simple workaround in the Settings. Here’s how to save mobile data on Instagram.


Enable Data Saver on Instagram

Instagram has recently introduced this sleek data saving feature called Data Saver that will allow Instagram to consume less mobile data. When you enable this feature, Instagram would neither pre-load videos nor download high-resolution images unless you opt to disable it.

  • To enable the data-saving feature on Instagram, launch Instagram and head to your Profile.
  • On the top right corner, you will see three lines, tap on it and tap Settings at the bottom.
  • Under Settings, tap on Account and tap Cellular Data Use.
  • Toggle the Data Saver switch under the Use Less Data.

Photo and video size will be reduced on cellular data when Data Saver is on, but when you are connected to Wi-Fi network, photos and videos will load full-sized.

Note: The feature is initially available to the Android users, but will be soon available to iPhone users as well. Since Instagram is rolling out this feature to users globally in the coming days, it might not be available to everyone right away and may take some time before the option shows up.

This feature will allow you to control your data usage on Instagram and increase the speed for loading images and videos. This is good for the countries where the network speed and penetration is low.


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