How to undo typing on Apple iPhones [iOS Guide]

With the Social Media apps trending nowadays, you send text frequently so that sometimes you need to undo typing or redo typing. Apple iPhones come handy when you want to undo or redo typing whenever you type. It’s better to undo the text you’ve just type rather than pressing the backspace button and remove each letter one by one. Here’s a guide on how to undo typing on Apple iPhones.


How to undo typing on Apple iPhones

Shake to undo typing on iPhones.

So, whenever you want to undo a mistake, all you have to do is just give you iPhone a little shake without pressing any buttons or switching the app.

The shake has to be done just after you made a typing mistake. You will be prompted by a popup that says ‘Undo Typing‘.

Press the Undo button to undo the typing. If you want to cancel the undo, press cancel. This feature is useful for accidental typing.



But, how to Redo Typing on Apple iPhones?

Redo typing only works once you have done undo.

After you shake the device and undo your mistake, shake again to redo your typing. When you shake again after doing Undo, Redo popup will appear. Redo comes handy when you type a phone number or an email ID and want to bring it back.


The undo feature works on most apps. It works on Apple iPads too. There are ways to undo typing on Android too if you do use an Android phone. Take a look at how to undo typing on Android phones.