How to use app permissions on Xiaomi Mi 5 [Beginner’s Guide]

The Xiaomi Mi 5 was launched in India last week with a price tag of Rs. 24,999 and went on sale during the Mi Fan Festival this week. And with that, the Mi 5 becomes the first Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone to be launched and sold in India. The Mi 5 runs on MIUI 7 (beta version) which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


If you are aware of the new features that come along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you must have heard about the App Permissions feature as well. Yes, and so, the Mi 5 also ships with the App Permissions feature. So, how do you use it? This tutorial shows you how to use app permissions on Xiaomi Mi 5 and control which app can access what.

How to use app permissions on Xiaomi Mi 5

Step 1: As the Mi 5 is running on MIUI which is the customised version of the stock Android, you won’t find the app permissions settings where you generally would find on the stock version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


There will be an app called ‘Security‘ on the home screen. Open it and then tap on the ‘Permissions‘ option provided at bottom-right of the app screen.

Step 2: Upon tapping on the ‘Permissions’ option, you will be presented with three more options – Autostart, Permissions, Install via USB. Tap on ‘Permissions‘ again and you will be shown two tabs – Apps, Permissions.


The Apps tab will show you the entire list of apps installed on your Mi 5, whereas, the Permissions tab will show the categories of permissions that apps ask for.

Step 3: In this tutorial we will change the app permissions of the Facebook app. So, tap on the app name, in our case, Facebook.


Doing so will show you all the permissions that the Facebook app requires. The ‘?‘ symbol means the app will ask you everytime it needs to access something. The ‘x‘ symbol means that an app is denied permission to access something. And the ‘tick‘ mark means that an app has the permission to access something, say contacts.


So, here the Facebook app has permission to read your contacts. To change that, tap on ‘Read your contacts‘ option. Doing so will give you three options – Accept, Notify, Deny. Select ‘Deny‘ to deny the Facebook app permission to read contacts. I chose the ‘Notify’ option here, but you can select the ‘Deny’ option as well.


The same can be done with ‘Location info’ and other permissions as well. This was for individual apps, if you want to see which all apps are asking for a specific permission, you can view that from the ‘Permissions’ tab I mentioned in Step 2.

Let’s say you want to see the list of apps asking for permission to reading your contacts. Go to the ‘Permissions‘ tab that was mentioned in Step 2. Select ‘Calls and Contacts‘ and then tap on ‘Read your contacts‘. Doing so will show all the apps that want to read your contacts.


Again, we will change Facebook app’s permissions here. As there’s a green tick in front of the Facebook app, it means that the app has permission to read your contacts. Tap on the Facebook app and it will again present you with three choices. I selected the ‘Notify’ option, but you can select the ‘Deny‘ option as well if you don’t want the Facebook app to ask for permission to read your contacts every time.


As soon as you change the permission, the symbol in front of the app will change immediately. As I changed the permission to ‘Notify’ from ‘Accept’, the green tick turned into ‘?’. If you select ‘Deny’, that symbol will change to red ‘x’, as can be seen in front of the Facebook Lite and Telegram app.

We hope you now know how to use app permissions on Xiaomi Mi 5 that you just bought. Do take a look at our How to use Child Mode on Xiaomi Mi 5 tutorial. If you want us to cover more such tutorials on the Mi 5, just post them in the comments below or reach us on social media.

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