Huawei denies reports about laying off majority of staff in India

Despite continuing to grow in its home country, Huawei has lately started facing issues in the overseas market. Because of the on-going troubles between India and China, Economic Times recently reported that Huawei is cutting India revenue target by almost half. It was also reported that the company is planning to layoff about 60-70% of its staff in India.

However, the Chinese telecom giant is denying this. In an email response to MobiGyaan, Huawei said that the reports suggesting layoffs of more than half of Huawei staff in India are untrue.


The company says that it has been been a part of Indian ICT ecosystem for the past 20 years focused on building a better connected India. It added: “We continue to work closely with all our customers in the country. Our India operations and resources, backed by robust local talent are designed to meet any customer requirements.”

The report about the layoffs and the cutting of revenue target in India comes amid the rise of anti-China sentiments in the country following weeks of tension related to the border dispute between India and China.

Huawei has been facing issues ever since the company has been banned by the United States in May last year. Further, the U.S. keeps adding sanctions against Huawei and other Chinese companies, directly compromising their business, operations and revenue.

The United States government is also pressuring its allies to ban Huawei from their telecom infrastructure. In a major win towards that, the United Kingdom recently banned the Chinese giant from participating in the 5G infrastructure development.

The UK government has also given a deadline of 2027 to all the telecom operators to get rid of Huawei’s equipment from their setup. This is a reversal of the January decision in which UK allowed Huawei to participate in 5G technology in a limited capacity.

As for the Indian market, the Indian government has not officially communicated anything related to Huawei’s participation in the development of 5G telecom infrastructure in the country. Even though Huawei has been granted permissions for the trials, given the anti-China sentiments and the government banning Chinese applications, the chances of the participation of Huawei in India looks grim at the moment.