Huawei is reportedly eyeing partnership with Indus OS to solve GMS issue in India

Since last year, Huawei has been banned from using Google’s apps and services on its new devices. While the company has continue to grow despite this ban in its home market, it could face struggle in other regions where Google Mobile Service (GMS) is required.

Just days after it was revealed that Google has applied for a license with the United States government asking for a special permission to allow the company to continue doing business with the Chinese giant, reports about Huawei working on to solve the issue in the Indian market has surfaced online.


It is being reported that Chinese giant Huawei is planning to enter into a partnership with Indus OS as an alternative to GMS issue in the world’s second largest smartphone market. The app store of Indus OS, known as App Bazaar, has more than 400,000 apps in 12 local languages.

The report from ET Telecom claims that the partnership of Huawei with Indus OS could extend to cover global markets as well but for now the deal will be focusing on India only.

It will be interesting to see if Huawei goes ahead with this plan. If it is, then we should be hearing about this in the coming weeks since the company is set to launch its new smartphones and the company will have to address the situation surrounding GMS.

Meanwhile, the Chinese firm is also working on its own GMS alternative, aptly named Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and recently released HMS Core 4.0 to developers. The company has also planned to spend billions of dollars as incentives to developers for developing its own app ecosystem under App Gallery and has also ramped up efforts to rope in Indian developers for the platform.