Croma claims strong Huawei sales in India despite uncertain future

After United States President Donald Trump placed Chinese tech giant Huawei in the list of companies blocked from doing business with American firms, the company is trying to put on a strong face even though a lot of companies are turning away from doing business with the Chinese giant.

While the sales of Huawei’s smartphones are plummeting in various markets, including Europe, the same cannot be said about the Indian market. As per the reports, the sales of Huawei devices in India are going as usual, however, there are indications of change in the near future.


Croma, which is one of the leading retail giants in India, has stated that Huawei users aren’t particularly worried about incoming updates and are pretty confident that they will be getting new software and security updates and features pretty soon.

Ritesh Ghosal, the Chief Marketing Officer at Croma, said that “with its innovative and differentiated technology offerings, Huawei will continue to be one of the sought-after brands” on the Indian market. Croma has also announced that Huawei P30 Pro owners will receive dual view video and AR measure features very soon, along with the usual security updates.

Croma is a partner with the Chinese manufacturer and has played a key role in the expansion of Huawei smartphones across the Indian market. However, the company has decided to skip any announcement on any future plans for upcoming devices.

It will be interesting to see how the US ban on Huawei affects the market share for its budget smartphones from its sub-brand Honor, which has a bigger share for the smartphone market globally, including India.