Intel claims Tizen OS project is progressing

We had just reported a statement from a Russian blogger who claimed that Samsung’s new Tizen is on its death bed. While the blogger is usually correct, this time Intel has made an official statement claiming that the rumours are all false.


Soon after the rumours found its way on the web, Intel gave an official statement about the Tizen OS. According to the statement, “Intel is very committed to the development of Tizen. We see a unique role for Tizen in the industry to create and to grow a new, open and flexible, mobile operating system that allows developers to “write once/run on many devices”. Tizen has received broad industry support through the Tizen Association and has achieved major milestones this year including establishing the storefront, releasing the Tizen 2.1 source code, the Tizen IVI 2.0 and the Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK that was just released yesterday.”

With the statement from Intel, it would seem that the Tizen OS project would further continue. While Samsung hasn’t yet made any statement on this issue, it has always shown its dedication to its pet OS project. The company has in fact started a Tizen app challenge race with a $4 million prize to lure more developers.