Lenovo Windows Phone smartphone and a wearable device coming later this year

Back in February at MWC, Microsoft announced new partners joining the Windows Phone bandwagon and one of them was Lenovo. We have been hearing various reports and rumors around a Lenovo Windows Phone 8.1 device but we are yet to see anything concrete. Today, we have official confirmation from Lenovo that a Lenovo Windows Phone handset will be launched later in the year.


Lenovo’s Mobile Division President, Lui Jin revealed the info in an interview with a German website. He confirmed that a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone from Lenovo will be released later this year. He also revealed that a wearable device will also be launched by lenovo later in the year.

Windows Phone has improved a lot, thanks to the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update, the app situation is also improving gradually. Now, what Windows Phone needs is a diverse range of devices from different manufacturers and not just Nokia. Lenovo is the world’s fourth largest smartphone maker and their Windows Phone device might do a lot of good for Microsoft’s mobile OS.