LG not launching a foldable phone just yet

Samsung will unveil its foldable phone two days later at an event in San Francisco alongside the Galaxy S10 trio. And, other brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Energizer will unveil their foldable phones at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that kicks off on February 25. Well, LG too was expected to unveil its foldable phone at MWC, but that’s not going to happen.

LG G8 ThinQ leaked press render

According to a report by The Korea Times, LG has no plans to launch the foldable phone just yet because it’s just too early for the company to do so. Instead, LG is focusing more on increasing the revenue from its mobile business and has high hopes from the G8 ThinQ and the V50 ThinQ 5G.

LG has confirmed that it will launch the G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ 5G at MWC. The G8 ThinQ will be a 4G smartphone, whereas the V50 ThinQ will be a “premium 5G smartphone”.

As far as the foldable phone is concerned, while LG has said that it’s not launching a foldable phone right now, it did say that it has the technology ready to produce foldable phones.

During the Consumer Electronics Show in January, LG introduced a rollable TV. This is an advanced technology one step ahead of foldable technology. We have reviewed releasing the foldable smartphone when launching 5G smartphone but decided not to produce it,” said Kwon Bong-seok, President and Head of the Mobile Communications Division and Home Entertainment Division, LG.

The market demand for smartphones is expected to be at around 1 million but LG’s main issue in smartphone business is to regain its market position. Considering this situation, it is too early for LG to launch a foldable smartphone. In terms of technology, we are fully ready to respond depending on consumers’ reactions (to foldable smartphones),” Kwon further added.