Xiaomi confirms Mi Watch will come support for standalone music playback

Xiaomi’s upcoming smartwatch named Mi Watch is being teased by the company on a daily basis, revealing more details about what will be the company’s first Mi-branded smartwatch. While the company has given us a glimpse of the upcoming device, it has now confirmed that it will also support standalone music playback.


The company’s IoT sub-brand Mijia took to Weibo to reveal that “the Xiaomi smartwatch can download, collect, and play music through headphones and amplifiers. Wearing it every day will ensure a good mood”.

The accompanying poster also shows that the device will be able to display music videos or album art in full-screen mode, as well as offer essential playback controls, such as start/stop, pause, forward/backward, volume adjustment and download options.

So far, the company has confirmed that the device will come powered by Qualcomm Wear 3100 processor and will come with support for Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and eSIM connectivity. An official render from the company showcase the watch making a call. However, it is not yet clear if users will be able to talk directly through the watch without needing to tether it to a phone.

While it is not yet known which operating system the device will be running, the company has revealed that the watch will run “MIUI for Watch” user interface out-of-the-box. The smartphone UI design philosophy seems to have now made its way to smartwatches.