Motorola X Phone may not be hardware customizable

With the increasing number of rumours about the Motorola X Phone, we had mentioned about the phone being customizable according to your fancy, now it seems like we haven’t advanced so much also.


According to reports, it is very unlikely that the X Phone would be sold as a customizable device. The X phone which is being developed by Motorola and Google, had been reported to be open to user customization. This option would allow users to add certain aspects of hardware according to their needs.

Soon after that, new advisor to Motorola, Guy Kawasaki, created a new controversy on Google+ by hinting that future handsets could be customized by the user. Though he didn’t mention smartphones, and definitely not the X Phone, his post of the Porsche YouTube video that shows potential buyers what kind of personalization the car-maker can offer to Porsche customers when ordering new models, has us thinking about smartphones being customized in a similar fashion.