How To Navigate In Motorcycle Mode In Google Maps [Guide]

There are a lot of people who travel on motorcycles especially who are living in India. Whenever you start looking for directions in Google Maps, you are provided with routes by car, bus, train, or walking, but you might not know that Google also provides a Motorcycle Mode in that.

Google has introduced Motorcycle Mode in Maps that shows you the best route to reach your destination on your two-wheeler. In more crowded areas where cars don’t fit well, the Motorcycle Mode comes in handy. Here’s how you can navigate in Motorcycle Mode in Google Maps.


Navigate In Motorcycle Mode In Google Maps

To check how you can access the Motorcycle Mode, hit the search bar on the top and type the place you are looking for. Start the navigation for the place you’ve just searched and you will see the routes by car, motorcycle, bus, walking, taxi, and train. Tap the bike icon alongside the car icon as you can see in the screenshot.

What’s the difference, why it was added when you have car mode? The Motorcycle mode has the same goal as any other mode, however, it’s more efficient and provides you with the best possible route including the shortcuts that cars aren’t able to take. Since motorcycles can fit in places that cars can’t and you will notice the travel time estimated to be shorter comparatively.


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