How to navigate with gestures on Xiaomi Redmi Y3 [Guide]

Xiaomi’s latest selfie phone, Redmi Y3 features a full-screen design with a notch carrying a 32 MP front camera. With the full-screen design, it supports full-screen gestures which help navigate the phone with ease. In this guide, we will show you how to enable the navigation gestures on Redmi Y3.


Navigate with gestures on Redmi Y3

The Redmi Y3 runs on the MIUI 10 loaded with features including the gesture-based navigation, there’s no need to install any third party apps. The Redmi Y3 can be navigated with the swipe gestures, you just need to set the navigation mode to the gestures switching from the traditional navigation keys.

  • Go to Settings -> Full-screen display -> Full screen gestures

Enable the gesture navigation under the Settings -> Full-screen display and select the option Full screen gestures. You will be guided through a tutorial on how to use the full-screen gestures when you tap learn.

Note: Enabling the full-screen gestures will eliminate the on-screen navigation buttons.

How do the navigation gestures work?

You can perform these actions using gestures – Go to Home screen, Open Recent Apps, and Go Back.

  • Go to Home screen – Swipe from the bottom quickly.
  • Open Recent Apps – Swipe from the bottom and pause.
  • Go Back – Swipe either right or left from the edge.


Also check out the unboxing video and features overview of the Redmi Y3 below.