Nokia Lumia 900 is as tough as a hammer

We have seen many videos where smartphones which are built by the mobile manufacturers are tested for their toughness and back in November we saw Nokia test its Lumia 800 which survived in a mini Wind Tunnel at a speed of Mach 5!

Today we see the Finnish giant release a video where it tests its Nokia Lumia 900’s screen. The strong Gorilla Glass screen is the victim of this test and thankfully is survives. 

Initially at the beginning of the video, the engineer uses a hammer to nail the screen of the Nokia Lumia 900 but fails as the Gorilla Screen is tough indeed. We have to agree that the force applied while trying to nail the screen is not much but it is still considerably enough.
Now comes the most interesting part of the video. As we breathe through the video that the Lumia 900’s screen is in a great shape, the engineer in the video goes on to use the 900 as a hammer itself and successfully drives a nail into the wooden piece and the screen of the Lumia 900 is still unscratched!
Trust me, for a moment you really wonder as to how the Lumia 900 was even able to survive all the hitting. But then this is how Nokia makes its devices. Remember the Nokia 3310? Yes it was the best!
Catch the brutal Nokia ‘Hammer’ 900 in action below and PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS as it may cause considerable damage to your device even though it is made to go through all this.