Nokia Martini Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone in the works; coming soon

After the Nokia X unveil at the the MWC, we have been eager to see what would be coming next from the company. Nokia it seems, might launch a range of Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones, when the OS will be expectedly unveiled at the Microsoft //Build/ Developer conference next month.


Serial leaker evleaks has again taken to Twitter that Nokia’s next flagship project might be a Windows 8.1 handset called ‘Martini’ for now.


Unfortunately, that is all we can say about the Nokia Martini Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone for now.

Besides Nokia, HTC and Samsung are expected to unveil Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones at the conference. The Windows Phone handset has been a one-brand wagon for some time now, with no manufacturer, except Nokia launching Windows Phone devices. But the Windows Phone 8.1 update is expected to change this and endear the Windows Phone OS to device manufacturers once again.

Another big unveil expected at the Microsoft //Build/ Developer conference is the Cortana voice assistant from the company.