Nokia Treasure Tag app released for Lumia devices running Black update

Remember the Nokia Treasure Tag that was supposed to be announced at the Nokia event held in Abu Dhabi in October last year? Well, though the silly yet useful accessory hasn’t been announced yet, Nokia has already launched the app for it.


The Nokia Treasure Tag accessory is a small plastic tag that can be attached to or keys or belongings. The accessory would then be connected to your Lumia device thus helping you to track your belongings in real-time. Now Nokia has launched the Treasure Tag app which is compatible with only Lumia handsets running the latest Black update.

Now that the app for the Treasure Tag is out, we can expect Nokia to announce the accessory at the upcoming MWC 2014. We can also expect an update for the app that would make it compatible with more Lumia devices. The app would be useful tool for dreamy people to remember where they misplaced their small items like keys etc. In the meanwhile you can check out the app on the Windows Phone Store.