Nokia: 75% of all Android apps compatible with Nokia X devices

Nokia recently announced its Nokia X devices which run on forked Android and have the ability to run Android apps. You might have been thinking how many Android apps are compatible with the Nokia X platform.


Well, Nokia has gone ahead and cleared your doubts. Nokia says, 75% of all the Android apps are directly compatible with the Nokia X. The developers of compatible apps just need to submit their apks. So, what about the rest of the Android apps? Well, they will need a little retouch. Nokia has introduced SDK and porting tools as well and claims that those apps will not take more than 8 hours to be ported.

While you must be already knowing that the Nokia X platform uses Nokia’s services along Microsoft ones and does away with any Google apps. So, any apps using Google services in their apps will be redirected to an alternative from Microsoft and Nokia.

Nokia has also brought about a tool which will tell developers if their apps are compatible with the Nokia X platform or not. In case you are an Android developer, you can hit the source link below and get your app on the Nokia X platform too.