OnePlus announces a ‘special event’ during CES 2020

OnePlus has officially teased its presence at the upcoming CES 2020 trade show in Las Vegas. This will be the first time that the company will be hosting an event at such a major global trade show and exhibition.

The teaser only states “OnePlus Special Event” and has the dates of the CES exhibition, January 7-10 along with the name of the venue. Going by the teaser shared by the company, it is unclear what exactly the company is planning.


There could be a single press conference or a multi-day exhibit on the sidelines of the trade show. It is not clear what the company plans to launch or if the company plans to launch anything. The timing also doesn’t line up with the launch window of any of OnePlus’ existing products.

There’s a possibility that OnePlus could announce a whole new product or service strategy but it seems unlikely. The company recently launched its OnePlus TV range exclusively in India first, and might this this opportunity to expand availability to other countries.

5G smartphones, infrastructure, and connected products are expected to dominate CES 2020, and OnePlus could take stage to announce future 5G plans or devices. Another possible announcement could be related to its popular OxygenOS software.

To know for sure what’s up the company’s sleeves, we’ll have to wait for the event or for the company to reveal more about this in the coming days.