Opera browser to come pre-installed on Nokia X smartphones

Nokia announced its Nokia X family of devices today at MWC and while we can’t wait to get our hands on it, there’s some more news regarding the Nokia X devices. Opera and Nokia have collaborated to bring the Opera browser on the Nokia X pre-installed.


The Opera browser is a full-fledged browser, with full web compatibility with standards such as HTML5 compatibility, the Blink rendering engine, Opera’s renowned compression feature. I have been a fan of Opera browsers on mobile because of their speed and data compression which really comes in handy when you are travelling.

Lars Boilesen, CEO Opera Software said, “Being a key player on a debuting platform is always exciting, and when Nokia is the force behind the project, doubly so.” He also added, “We have a long history of working with Nokia and we are glad they chose Opera to be included in the Nokia X from launch day. Together, we are committed to giving customers a great surfing experience right from the start.”

Bryan Biniak, Vice President, Developer Experience at Nokia also commented, “Nokia X will bring millions of customers around the world their first true smartphone experience”. “With the Opera browser pre-installed, customers will be equipped with a high-quality, intuitive mobile web browser from the moment they turn on their device.” 

It is interesting to note here that Windows Phone is still awaiting Opera browsers while the just announced Nokia X devices will have it pre-installed.