How To Prevent Apps From Using Background Data On Android [Guide]

Some apps are data hoggers even when they are not in use, they run in the background using the unnecessary data. Fortunately Android offers a built-in feature that restricts the apps to use background data. Smartphones with a customized UI gives you control over the data on per-app basis.


Prevent Apps From Using Data On Android

If you think your phone has some apps that unnecessarily use the data in the background, head to the app settings and turn off background data.

Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications and choose the app you think that consumes data.

For example, I don’t want Instagram to use data in the background, I will choose the Instagram app from the list. If you have any other apps, choose it and disable the background data slider. You can also check how much data the apps consume in a specific duration. This way, the apps won’t consume data when you are not using the phone.



Head to Settings -> Network & internet -> Data Usage to manage your cellular data usage. Here you can see how much data you’ve used and limit how much you consume in the future.

Let’s say you have a 2 GB data per month plan, you would want to set the limit to less than 2 GB (or according to the plan you have). Setting limits will automatically turn off the data when you hit the threshold. It also lets you set up a warning when your data usage gets close to the maximum.

You will also find an option to disable mobile data entirely. Use this option if you are low on data and don’t want it further to be used.


That was it. If you surf the internet on Google Chrome, you can save the data with this handy trick. Here’s how to save mobile data on Google Chrome on your smartphone.