PUBG Lite registrations started in India; to go live on July 11

PUBG, which is currently one of the most popular online shooting games, is now finally getting the PUBG LIte for PC in India along with a few more countries in the Asian region. After launching in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, and Bangladesh, the lightweight version of the game is now confirmed to be released in one of the biggest markets for the battle royale game.

The official PUBG India Facebook page has shared an image which included a silhouette of the Taj Mahal with the words ‘PUBG LITE Coming Soon.’ PUBG Lite is a toned down version of the original PC version and is compatible with lower-end PCs and laptops.


This PUBG Lite for PC ensures that you don’t need a dedicated GPU to get the best experience and the integrated one should be enough to run the game smoothly. While the official release date hasn’t been confirmed, pre-registration for the game has already begun.

Those who pre-register for the PUBG Lite will get free skins and other rewards once the game gets launched in India. As for the rewards, the company says that users who register for the PUBG Lite Beta testing will get a free Tiger M416 gun and Cheetah parachute skins.

It has also announced that if the registrations reach 1,00,000, every participant will get a black scarf, punk glasses, and bloody combat pants. Whereas, if it reaches 2,00,000, players will get a gold PUBG scarf, yellow-black striped long-sleeved shirt, and the red sports top.

The registrations will go on till 7 PM on July 4 but the registration page for the game says that the registrations will close at 11:59 PM on July 3. Once the registration period is over, the company will be sending all registered users an event code via email on July 11, which can be used to download and play the game. To register, go to this link.