Qualcomm acquires Palm patents from HP

You remember Palm? The company which was responsible for making the mobile phone computing smart. Well not many people know about them here in India and that’s because Palm never really brought its devices here but you might have of heard of Palm when HP acquired the company and all of its rich patent portfolio in 2010 along with Palm’s much touted back then mobile operating system, WebOS. Well after WebOS was bought by LG last year, now what was left of Palm at HP has been sold to Qualcomm.


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According to an official press release from Qualcomm, they have acquired around 2,400 patents from Palm at an undisclosed amount of money. Along with Palm’s patents, Qualcomm has also acquired IPAQ and Bitfone patents from HP.

Qualcomm is a hardware company really so what will they do with Palm’s patents which should be all about user interfaces is still a mystery and we are unlikely to know soon.