Qualcomm announces Quick Charge 3+ technology for mid-range smartphones

Qualcomm has announced a new version of its quick charging technology for smartphones — Qualcomm Quick Charge 3+. As the name suggests, it is better than the Quick Charge 3 but not as advanced as the Quick Charge 4+.


The company claims that with this new fast charging standard, it can charge a device from 0 percent to 50 percent in just 15 minutes, which is around 35 percent faster and is 9-degree celsius cooler compared to previous generations.

It supports the standard USB type A-to-type C cables and accessories that support scalable voltage with 20mV steps from Quick Charge 4. Another major feature is that it is backward compatible with previous-generation Quick Charge devices and newer devices can also work with Quick Charge 3+ accessories.

Qualcomm has revealed that the new Quick Charge 3+ will initially be available for Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 765G chipsets and will add support to more Snapdragon chipsets later this year. This hints that the Quick Charge 3+ is meant for mid-range devices while Quick Charge 4+ is for high-end premium smartphones.

Xiaomi’s recently launched Mi 10 Youth Edition is the world’s first smartphone to come with support for both Quick Charge 4+ and Quick Charge 3+ fast charging technology.