Reliance Jio offering 1 GB of free data with Cadbury Dairy Milk

It's more sweet when it's free *wink wink*

Mukesh Ambani-led telecom operator Reliance Jio entered the Indian telecom sector back in 2016, and since then, the telco has allured consumers by offering freebies and discounts. This year itself, there have been multiple instances of the telco offering free data to its customers for different reasons, and now, Jio is doing that once again.


This time, Reliance Jio is offering 1 GB free data to its prepaid customers. This free data is offered with a Cadbury Diary Milk chocolate. Sounds sweet (no pun). Isn’t it? Well, it sure is. Once you open the MyJio app on your smartphone, you will see a banner (refer image above) at the top that says “Get the tastiest of 1 GB data ever”. Once you tap on that banner, you will see a photo of an empty wrapper of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with a button below it that says ‘Participate Now’.


To get the 1 GB of data for free, all you have to do is tap on that ‘Participate Now’ button and then take a photo of the barcode that’s printed on the wrapper of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and upload it. Once you do that, you will see a message which confirms that you have got 1 GB of data for free. However, Jio also gives you an option to donate this 1 GB of data to an NGO called Pratham Foundation that offers education to under-privileged children in rural areas. If you wish to donate, you can tap on ‘Donate 1 GB’ button. And if you don’t, you can tap on the button that says ‘Keep 1 GB’.

If you decide to claim the data for yourself by tapping on ‘Keep 1 GB’, you will see another screen that shows a Cadbury Dailk Milk chocolate with “Enjoy the tastiest 1 GB of data ever” written above it. That said, do note that it can take up to 7-8 days for Jio to transfer the 1 GB data to your account. Furthermore, this free data is available on Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate across all price ranges. However, do keep in mind that you can claim this free data only once per mobile number.

So what are you waiting for? Start eating that sweet, free data.