Reliance Jio adds Smart Night Download feature for JioMusic and JioCinema apps

Just a month after adding Night Download feature for the JioMusic app, Reliance Jio has now extended the functionality to JioCinema.


Reliance Jio has announced that the smart night download feature would now be available to its JioMusic and JioCinema apps. The feature would allow users to schedule movie or music downloads during Jio Happy hours (2AM to 5 AM). As such no data charges would apply and this would be excluded from the 1 GB daily limit.

With the new update, the apps offer two options for downloading – Download Now or Smart Download. If the Smart Download option is chosen, the app automatically sets up a reminder to download the content between 2 AM and 5 AM. However, the phone is required to have at least 20 percent battery and mobile data turned on.