Resource-friendly LinkedIn Lite for Android launched in India

Just days after Facebook introduced Messenger Lite, we have LinkedIn following suit with a lightweight version of its app. The Microsoft-owned professional network now has a resource friendly app now weighing just 1 MB for Android. LinkedIn already has a “Lite” version of its website available since last year.


India has been the first to get the app. But eventually, 60 more countries will get it as well. The app just touched the 500 million mark, while Indian userbase was at 42 million. It has recorder 40% growth in India in the last 2 years.

The reason to introduce the lite version is obvious. It will help LinkedIn gain users where network speed is low, or smartphones are of low-end category. The made in India app allows fast load times of under 5 seconds and conserves data up to 80%. That does mean you have to sacrifice some features for speed. Although you will still get the news feed, jobs, profile, messaging, notifications and search. The UI will depend less on graphics and be more simplistic.

The update is for the Android version of the app, while there are no plans for the iOS version as of now.

Download Link: LinkedIn Lite