Samsung’s foldable display smartphone shown off in a teaser video

South Korean tech giant Samsung gave us a glimpse of its foldable display smartphone last year in November at its Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco. However, the smartphone was covered with a protective casing to hide the actual design. Samsung is expected to unveil this foldable smartphone on February 20 alongside the Galaxy S10, but, thanks to a teaser video, we are now getting an early look at Samsung’s foldable smartphone.


Samsung has shared a teaser video on their YouTube channel for the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. The video shows us a bezel-less tablet along with some other products that we might see Samsung bringing to the market in the future, but, the one thing that caught everyone’s attention is a foldable smartphone.

At 0:23 in the video attached above, you can see a woman opening a foldable smartphone. This is similar to what Samsung showed us back in November last year. The smartphone has dual displays – the smaller one is on the outer cover, whereas the larger, foldable display is on the inside. The outer display also seems to have smaller bezels around it.

Samsung hasn’t revealed many details about its foldable smartphone, except the displays. The smaller display measures 4.58-inch diagonally and has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 1960 x 840 pixels. The larger display, which is foldable, measures 7.3-inch diagonally and has an aspect ratio of 4.2:3 and a resolution of 2152 x 1536 pixels. Both the smaller and larger displays have a screen density of 420 dpi though.

Coming back to the foldable phone shown off in the video, let us clarify that this may not necessarily be the final product, and we might see something different at launch.