Top 15 Samsung Galaxy S10+ tips, tricks, and hidden features

Samsung’s has unveiled the top-of-the-line smartphone Galaxy S10+ and it highlights a number of features including its in-screen dual cameras, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, triple cameras and so on. more to it, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ runs on the new Android 9 Pie based OneUI interface and it has a lot of stuff that you can make use of, like hiding front cameras, running dual apps, navigate with gestures, enter Dark mode. Here are the top 10 Samsung Galaxy S10+ tips and tricks, and hidden features you need to know.


1) Hide Dual Front Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a small cutout for its dual selfie cameras, and it might come in the way while watching the content on the screen. If you think it’s bothering you, you can hide it right away.

To hide the front camera, enter Settings -> Display -> Full screen apps -> Hide front camera and turn on the slider. This will add a black bar to the top of the screen so the front camera won’t be visible.


2) Use On-Screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

No, you don’t get a physical fingerprint scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ features an on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone by putting your thumb on the screen.

If you haven’t been aware of its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, make use of it. Go to Settings -> Biometrics and security -> Fingerprints -> Add fingerprint and register a fingerprint.


3) Reverse Wireless Charging

If you don’t know, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has the ability to charge devices that support wireless charging, such as charging the Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Watch using the Galaxy S10+. The Wireless PowerShare might come handy for those who want to keep their wireless devices charged without needing a wireless charger.

A similar trait was first seen on the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro which is also capable of charging devices wirelessly and now the Galaxy S10+ is under the same league. This feature is rare and should not be confused with the wired reverse charging.

To charge devices using the Galaxy S10+, swipe from the top and tap the Wireless PowerShare button. Flip the phone and put the devices on the back to charge.


4) Show Battery Percentage In Status Bar

The battery percentage isn’t visible in the status bar by default, you have to turn on this setting manually to make it appear. On your Samsung Galaxy S10+, enter the Settings -> Notifications -> Status bar and turn on the slider ‘Show battery percentage‘. The remaining percentage of the battery will be shown on the left side of the animated battery icon.


5) Enable Night Mode (Dark Mode)

Enabling the Night mode will help you keep your eyes comfortable at night, the Night mode will use a darker theme instead and utilizes the Super AMOLED display to keep things darker on the screen. Make use of the Night mode by entering the Settings -> Display -> Night mode.


6) Run Dual Apps

Running dual apps of the same kind is another tremendous feature added in the OneUI. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ can run dual WhatsApp, dual Instagram, dual SnapChat or any other supported app simultaneously.

Enter the Settings -> Advanced features -> Dual Messenger and choose the apps you want to run in dual mode.


7) Hide Albums In Gallery

Hiding the albums in the Gallery is another handy trick that can be used to keep people away from checking out the photos and videos saved on the phone.

Launch the Gallery app, tap the three dots in the corner and tap ‘Hide or unhide albums‘ from the menu. Mark the albums you want to hide, they won’t be visible in the gallery until you unhide them. To unhide the albums, repeat the same steps and deselect the marked ones.


8) Make Use Of Edge Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes with edge display and with the that, you can quickly access the edge shortcuts by swiping the Edge panel. Drag the Edge panel handle to view edge shortcuts. It also comes with Edge lighting that glows whenever a notification arrives.

Head to Settings -> Display -> Edge screen and edit the panels you want to keep and Edge lighting settings.


9) New Gesture Navigation

The swipe gestures will help you to quickly navigate the phone, rather than tapping on the buttons, just swipe from the edge to the upwards. Go to Settings -> Display -> Navigation bar and tap the Full screen gestures. You will see gesture hints that display where to swipe up for Home, Back, and Recents actions.


10) Palm Swipe To Capture

Taking screenshots with power and volume keys is one way and using the gestures is another. It’s easy to take screenshots with a swipe of your Palm on the edge across the screen. Go to Settings -> Advanced features -> Motion and gestures -> Palm swipe to capture and enable the slider.


11) Take Photos With Palm

Snap photos without pressing the camera shutter button, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will take photos when you show the Palm to the camera. So, whenever you think you can’t reach the shutter, just show your palm to the camera and see the magic.

Enable the feature under the Camera Settings -> Shooting methods -> Show Palm.


12) Double Tap To Wake Up

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ shows you a glance at the notifications, date and time and remaining battery percentage with its Always-On Display. Also, waking the phone with its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner or using the face unlock is ideal. However, the double tap to wake feature might be useful if you want to wake the screen just by tapping two times anywhere on the screen.

To enable this feature go to Settings -> Advanced features -> Motion and gestures -> Double tap to wake up and turn on the slider.


13) One-Handed Mode

With its large display, it’s not easy to navigate the phone or use the phone with one hand. Thanks to the advanced features provided in the OneUI, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ can turn into one-handed mode so that you can use it one-handed.

Turn on the one-hand mode under the Settings -> Advanced features -> Motion and gestures -> One-handed mode and enable the slider.


14) Enable Flashlight Notifications

Flashlight notifications are extremely useful when you are in a dark environment, or in a movie theatre, it can let you notify about calls and messages by quickly flashing the LED. Enable Flashlight notifications from the Settings -> Accessibility -> Advanced settings -> Flashlight notification and turn on the Camera flash and Screen flash.



15) Power & Volume Keys Shortcut

The Power and Volume Key shortcuts can also be used for quick access to the accessibility settings, it can be used for voice assistant, magnification, and other accessibility features available on the phone. Head to the Settings -> Accessibility -> Advanced settings -> Power and Volume Up keys and turn on the slider.



There are more tips and tricks that you can find on the phone, if you know any more of it, comment them and let us know. Check out the top 10 Samsung Galaxy S10+ Camera tips and tricks.

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