Samsung Galaxy S5 may have an eye scanner

The upcoming flagship from Samsung is so far known for the Quad HD display rumoured to be used. However seems like there would be more in the smartphone than just high res display.


According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would feature an eye scanner as a security feature of the device. The eye scanner is said to provide the same functions that the TouchID fingerprint scanner provides in the Apple iPhone 5S. Not just that, the report also claims that the handset would be powered by the 64 bit Samsung Exynos processor which is expected to be announced at the upcoming CES 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is supposed to be the first device to pack in 4 GB of RAM which would be made possible by the 8 Gb LPDDR4 RAM that the company announced earlier this week. While the RAM is said to use just 40 percent power compared to others, the device would still have a massive 4000 mAh battery. Other than that we would also have the 16 MP camera, which can apparently perform extraordinarily well in low light conditions.