Samsung may not include in-box charger with upcoming Galaxy smartphones

There are reports claiming that Apple is not expected to include an in-box charger with the upcoming iPhone models. And now, Samsung is said to be following the same and will not be including an in-box charger for the new Galaxy series smartphones.

Samsung, which is has been leading the worldwide smartphone shipments for years, ships hundreds of millions of devices every year. So, even if it stops including the charger in half of them, it could significantly reduce costs for the company.


That can enable the company to price its devices more aggressively to drive more sales for its smartphones. However, there are two types of reactions from the users when it comes to not including a charger in the box.

One section is happy with the move claiming that most of the smartphone owners already have a charger at home. So, not including a charger in the box will reduce electronic waste, which is a huge problem.

However, another section is not happy with the move saying that when spending almost a thousand dollars on a smartphone doesn’t even include an in-box charger. Also, such premium phones have faster-charging technology so the existing charger may not be able to deliver the desired output. And buying the charger separately will certainly be expensive.