Samsung to change battery icon to green color on safe Galaxy Note7 units

Samsung has been dealing with the global recall of defective Galaxy Note7 units for some time now. The device is overheating which is resulting in fires and explosions. Samsung has already offered a replacement of the defective units with new, safe units. However, people don’t seem to care enough or are unaware. Even after getting the defective unit replaced with a safe unit, it’s going to be a tough time for the owners to explain to the authorities that the device is safe. Hence, to deal with this, Samsung has decided to bring in a visual change to the safe Galaxy Note7 units by changing the color of the battery icon.


The South Korean manufacturer has decided to change the battery icon on safe Galaxy Note7 units to green color from white. However, it’s unclear whether the icon will remain green or will only turn green when the device is charging. It’s also not known whether this change will be seen only on the Korean Galaxy Note7 units or on the units in other markets as well.

Besides this, Samsung is also going to roll out OTA update for Galaxy Note7 to limit the battery charge to 60%, preventing the device from overheating and leading to explosions. However, the update might be restricted to South Korea only as the company did not say anything about other markets.

Samsung will start replacing defective Galaxy Note7 units in Korea from September 19. Analysts in South Korea are also suggesting that Samsung changes the name of the safe units to Galaxy Note7S, where S stands for safety.

Being able to distinguish between unsafe and safe Galaxy Note7 units visually will ease things up for everyone, including the owners and government authorities. Will changing the color of battery icon make it easy to differentiate between unsafe and safe Galaxy Note7 units? What’s your opinion on this?

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