Samsung will soon fix Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor flaw with a new software update

Samsung, one of the world’s leading smartphone brand, is facing security issues with its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone. The phone has a major flaw with the fingerprint sensor that allows other people to open the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

A user in the UK said earlier this week that the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone could be unlocked by someone else simply by putting on a screen protector and applying an unregistered fingerprint. Thus, anyone who gets hold of the phone could do anything with the device, even transfer funds using financial apps that are protected by fingerprint lock.

However, the company has now acknowledged the issue and has promised to fix it with a new update. In a statement released Friday, Samsung said the issue involved “fingerprint sensors unlocking devices after recognising three-dimensional patterns appearing on certain silicone screen protecting cases as users’ fingerprints.”

The company has also advised users of the Galaxy Note10, 10 Plus, and Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G to “delete all previous fingerprints” and register their data anew. It also advised users not to use silicone screen protecting case until a software update.

Samsung said that the new software update with the fix for the fingerprint sensor is planned to get released next week. The issue is ironic given that the company had touted the Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor as “revolutionary”.