Samsung to launch smartphone with under-display camera next year

Smartphone manufacturers are adopting different type of designs for the devices in order to offer higher screen-to-body ratio on their phones. Currently, most companies have adopted either punch-hole display for housing front camera or a pop-up mechanism for the camera sensor.


Earlier this year, Samsung’s vice president of its display R&D group, Yang Byung-Duk, said that the company is working on making the entire front of its phones a screen, with no need for bezels or a camera cutout of any kind.

To make this happen, the company planned to put the camera sensor behind the display, similar to what companies are doing for the fingerprint sensor. A prototype of a similar technology has already been showcased by OPPO and Xiaomi a few months ago.

Now, a report from Korean publication indicates that Samsung is ready to launch a smartphone with under-display camera sensor next year. The report adds that the company is yet to fine-tune the procedure for the camera sensor.

For in-display cameras, there’s a layer of OLED panel above the camera sensor. So it become challenging to get light to fall on the sensor without distortion and loss of intensity. It remains to be seen how Samsung plans to get its way around this.