Sony CP-V3A portable USB charger launched for Rs. 1590

With smartphone batteries being a huge issue for users, Sony has launched a portable smartphone charger to help users with charging on the go.


Sony has announced the launch of the Sony CP-V3A portable USB charger. The charger, which is an upgrade to the 2800mAh Sony CP-V3 charger that was launched late last year, has a 3000 mAh battery capacity and provides an output of 1.5 A, which is good enough to charge your smartphones on the go. The device is available in 6 different colours and is very light measuring just 86 grams.

The Sony CP-V3A has a Sony manufactured Lithium Polymer battery which is capable of retaining up to 90 percent charge even after 1000 recharges. The charger can be used directly from the packaging without requiring any installation. The battery would last approximately for 60 minutes charging time. The portable charger is priced at Rs. 1590 and is available in Black, Blue, Cyan, Red, Purple and White colours.