Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 mini get official price cuts in India

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone, even though the S5 is here and if you’ve been planning on getting it, we have good news for you. Samsung has officially dropped the price of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini in India.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now priced at Rs. 31,814 and the S4 mini at Rs. 19,278 on Samsung’s official e-store. Ever since the Galaxy S5 launched, the Galaxy S4 was selling at around Rs. 30,000 at various online retailers but it’s only now that Samsung has reduced the price on their official e-store. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was priced at Rs. 41,500, when it launched and the S4 mini was priced at Rs. 27,900 at launch.

It is interesting to note that Samsung still denies any price cut of the Galaxy S5 while we reported yesterday that the flagship is selling at around Rs. 40,000 at various retailers. Well, it’s about time they acknowledge the price drop.

Anyways, the Galaxy S4 is surely a good buy at Rs. 30,000. Its display is pretty much the same as the S5. It has a good camera and good performance too. You tell us, what you think of the new pricing for the S4 and S4 mini?

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