Spotify Premium Family Plan introduced in India for ₹179 per month

Spotify started offering its music streaming service in India from February this year. While it launched its premium service as well as a special student offer, the company had not introduced family plan, which has been available in the United States.

Today, Spotify finally launched the premium family plan in India which costs ₹179 per month. This new Spotify Premium Family Plan gives family members living under one roof more choices to customise music streaming and podcasts.


It offers ad-free, on-demand music listening experience. It comes with features like Parental Controls, Family Mix, and Family Hub. Interested subscribers can sign up on the Spotify Premium Family page, and the first three months can be tried for free.

The company has revealed that under this new plan, users will have access to 450,000 podcast titles and 50 million tracks/songs. With this new Premium Family plan, listeners will also get individual accounts, where with up to six accounts per family, everyone gets to play their own music and podcasts.

A couple of months ago, the company had launched the Spotify Lite app for the Android users in India. It is designed for the users having smaller data plans and running the app on older smartphones as the app weighs just 10 MB in size, significantly smaller compared to over 100 MB size of the standard Spotify app.