Top 5 Cool Xiaomi Gadgets you didn’t know about

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands in India because of the smartphones it offers and recently the company has also introduced some new accessories and TVs in India. However, Xiaomi isn’t just limited to the gadgets that it sells in India as they make a lot of cool gadgets that aren’t available here. In this article, we are going to introduce to those gadgets and accessories. So without waiting further, let’s get started.

1) Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard


If you are looking for a good RGB Gaming Keyboard under Rs.4000 then this a keyboard that you should definitely check out. The Xiaomi Gaming Keyboard comes with a 104-key design, RGB backlighting, and an Aluminium cover. It comes with Upgraded switches whose trigger force between the Red and Black switches.

Available for a price of Rs.3700 you can buy this Keyboard from Gearbest and other International websites that ship their products to India.

2) Xiaomi ZAIJA Water Saving Device


Now if you are here after our Sunday Gyaan video you must be already aware of this. For those who aren’t this is a gadget from Xiaomi which will help you to save a lot of water in your home or office. It comes with 6 types of adapters and a Simple design style that adapts to various home styles. Leave your Tap on once you’ve installed this and you are ready to go. Every time you’ll bring your hand near the sensors, water will automatically start flowing and it stops when you take your hand away and that is something which helps the users to save water.

You can buy this for Rs.1200 on Banggood and other websites that ship this product to India.

3) Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE Drone


When it comes to Aerial Photography and Drones, DJI is the company that takes the Fame. However, Xiaomi has tried to challenge DJI with its FIMI X8 SE Drone. This drone comes with a 12MP Sony IMX378 Sensor and features an f/2.2 aperture lens. The foldable design on this drone makes it easy to carry and when it comes to the looks this drone looks quite decent. It comes with an 11.4V 4500mAh lipo battery which powers it and Xiaomi claims that it can give you flight time up to 33 mins.

While the DJI Drones are available for a price of a Kidney this drone is cheaper when we compare it to that as it only costs Rs.43,000. You can buy the FIMI X8 SE drone from Gearbest and other websites that ship this product to India.

4) Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charger with LED Light


Next up, we have the Yeelight Wireless Charger with LED Light from Xiaomi and this product is compatible with any smartphone that comes with support for Wireless Charging. It supports fast charging and comes with a removable LED Light which you can use it in your rooms. The LED Light gives you 2 color shades which include White and Yellow and looks beautiful when it comes to its design.

Available, for a price of Rs.2100 you can buy this product from Banggood and other websites that ship this product to India.

5) Xiaomi Metal Mousepad


If you are bored of the same old black mousepads available in the market then this is something you should check out. The Xiaomi Metal Mousepad comes with an Aluminium finish on the side and a smooth metal finish on the top. It is compatible with all types of mouse available in the market and you can buy it Rs.1400 on Gearbest and other websites that ship this to India.

What’s your favorite gadget from the above list? Let us know in the comments below.