UCLA research team showcases transparent flexible display

While Samsung is said to be displaying a curved display next month, in the meanwhile a research team has displayed a prototype of a curved display.


A research team from UCLA has created a prototype display technology. The display can be folded and even bended and twisted without damaging it. The display is durable enough to stretch to twice its original size without breaking. To further add, the display would still be transparent when not lit.

The display uses a special layered construction from which light comes for a single layer of electroluminescent polymer. The light is then directed between two transparent elastic composite electrode layers. This display technology would definitely create waves in the smartphone domain and would be very exciting to have on a smart watch or wearable electronics.

However, experts claim that flexible displays are still in the early stages of development as of now. As such mass production for smartphones would be very difficult. More importantly, it is necessary to make the other hardware flexible to fully support a flexible display.