Unlocked iPhone 5 prices revealed by Apple for US, starts at $ 649 for 16 GB

The Apple iPhone 5 was announced late night on September 12 and the pricing of the iPhone 5 has been the same as it was expected. The 16 GB version of iPhone 5 is priced at $199, 32 GB variant is available for $299 and the 64 GB version is available for $399 on a two year contract.


But a lot of our readers have been asking as to how much is the unlocked version of the iPhone 5 has been priced.

Well Apple took a few hours to decide and the prices are finally here. In the US, an unlocked iPhone 5 will be available with the following price tag:
  • iPhone 5 16 GB Unlocked: $649
  • iPhone 5 32 GB Unlocked: $ 749 and
  • iPhone 5 64 GB Unlocked: $849

So now you know the prices of the unlocked iPhone 5 in the US which will be available without any contract and free to use on any network.
Also with this we would like to clarify it once more that the $199, $299 and $399 price of iPhone 5 and the reduced prices of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in the US is carrier subsidized and on a new two-year contract and this pattern is not followed in India.