Verizon strengthens its presence in the enterprise segment

Verizon-logo-150x150 There some good news on way for the Verizon enterprise customers, who can now begin to take advantage of the newly activated Europe India Gateway cable. With this move, Verizon has now joined 15 other international communications leaders, which constitute the EIG Consortium, and formally accepted delivery of more than 11,300 kilometers (7,021 miles) of the total 15,000 km (9,320 miles) EIG cable system. The accepted cable system routes are: London to Bude, U.K.; Bude to Portugal to Gibraltar to Monaco to Libya; Monaco to Marseille, France; and Saudi Arabia to Djibouti to Oman to United Arab Emirates to India. The group also accepted 11 of 13 cable landing stations. The only remaining segment to be completed for the EIG is in Egypt where there are two landing sites.
According to Ihab Tarazi, Verizon vice president of global network planning, “This cable activation also shows our customers our strong network investment commitment around the globe. Virtually anywhere our Verizon enterprise customers do business and they can count on us to use our outstanding network capabilities to deliver their communications solutions.”

As this gateway will be complementing the other existing cable system it may prove to be a good alternative and will even provide much-needed diversity for broadband traffic currently relying largely on traditional routes from Europe to India.  Given that this area is quite earthquake prone, this is a very critical aspect of this EIG cable.