How to view RAM usage on Realme 3 Pro [Guide]

Among the performance midrangers is the Realme 3 Pro packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 which offers an impressive gaming experience and lag-free performance. It comes in 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM variants, but for those who want to see how much RAM is available, there’s a way to view it and without installing any third party apps.


How to view RAM usage on Realme 3 Pro

Those who have used other Androids, you can check the free RAM in the recent apps menu, however, by default, the Realme 3 Pro doesn’t show it. You need to enable a setting to view the RAM usage or view how much RAM is available to use.

To do that, hit the Settings and search ‘RAM‘ in the search box. Tap on the ‘Display RAM/Memory Information for Recent Tasks‘ slider to turn on the RAM usage in the recent apps menu.

Alternately, go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Display RAM/Memory Information for Recent Tasks.

Once you’ve enabled the settings, you can check the free RAM from the recent apps menu, tap the recent button and see the available RAM from out of the 4 GB (or 6 GB RAM).



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