Vivo brings first on-screen fingerprint prototypes to MWC Shanghai

Vivo teased the new on-screen fingerprint technology in a teaser image ahead of MWC Shanghai. Since it was an official image, we knew Vivo had something special up its sleeve.

Days later we are now watching Vivo announcing its first on-screen biometric sensor at the event. Actually, it’s a world’s first. The Vivo sensors are based on Qualcomm’s new ultrasonic scanners also announced at the same event. Since the tech is based on ultrasound, it can recognize fingerprints from under glass, metal, and even OLED displays.

The new implementation is a step closer to a bezel-less future which was brought in trend by the Mi Mix 2. Vivo says the new tech can also be enabled to identify gestures, improve security and simplify the user experience.

The tech is in demo stage as of now. So we won’t be seeing it until next year. At least that is what Qualcomm says, the chip maker which will supply the new sensors to manufacturers.